How to Backup and Restore MySQL Database

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It is essential to big to form regular backups of all data just in case of loss. Has your MySQL database has been lost, and you’re scrambling to revive a replica from your last backup? In this tutorial, we will let you know How to Backup and Restore MySQL Database with two easy ways.


  • A Linux operating system
  • MySQL installed
  • An existing database
  • Mysqldump utility (should be included with your MySQL software)

MySQL Database Backup from the Command-Line with mysqldump

mysqldump can dump a database including the SQL statements required to rebuild the database. By default, the dump file includes the SQL commands to revive the tables and data.

For taking MySql Db backup we use the following command

> mysqldump -u (username) -p (dbname) > (dbname).sql

Then Type the password for user and backup will be completed.

How to Restore MySQL database

Step 1 : Create a New Database

> create database (dbname);

How to Backup and Restore MySQL Database

Step 2 : Connect to Mysql on the server using MySQL password.

# mysql -u root -p

Step 3: No we will switch to the newly created database.

> use (dbname);

Step 4: Restore DB backup in the new database.

> source /path/db

How to Backup and Restore MySQL Database

Step 5 : Verify contents of db using below command for example.

>show tables;

So you are able to do that how to backup and restore MySQL Database using mysqldump.


Now you Know How to Backup and Restore MySQL Database using mysqldump with all the above commands.

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