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How to Install Docker on CentOS 7

Written by Alex

How to Install Docker on CentOS 7

Here we see How to Install Docker on Centos7. Docker is a popular software tool that makes and manages containers for application. The platform creates a consistent interface so almost any application running on that is compatible with most operating systems. Developing in Docker also quickens applications, since it shares the kernel and other Linux resources. This is an orient a way to install Docker on CentOS 7.


  • A supported version of CentOS (Docker doesn’t test or support outdated versions.
  • A user account with admin privileges.
  • Terminal access (Right-click desktop, open in Terminal) CentOS Extras repository – this is often enabled by default, but if yours has been disabled you’ll re-enable it.
  • Software package installer yum.

Install Docker on CentOS 7 With Yum

The next step is to download and install docker dependencies. Type in the Below command:

# sudo yum install -y yum-utils device-mapper-persistent-data lvm2

Add the Docker Repository to CentOS

How to Install Docker on Centos7, you need to add a feature of the Docker CE stable repository in your system. To do so, run the command:

# sudo yum-config-manager --add-repo

Install Docker On CentOS Using Yum

you can finally go for installing Docker on CentOS 7 by running the following commands:

# sudo yum install docker

The system should begin the installation. After installation finished you will be notified and which version of Docker is now running on your system.

Install Docker on CentOS 7

Manage Docker Service

Although you’ve got installed Docker on CentOS, the service continues to be not running. To start the service and enable it to run at startup. Run the subsequent commands within the order listed below.

Start Docker:

# sudo systemctl start docker

Enable Docker:

# sudo systemctl enable docker

Check the status of the service with:

# sudo systemctl status docker0
Install Docker Centos | How to Install Docker on Centos7

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